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Speak OUT! is a collection curated by guest editors Brenda Lee-Browne, Beatrice Lamwaka, Rifat Munim and Peter Sipeli, from a call for submissions related to Freedom of Expression and its wider subthemes of gender, LGBTQIA+, race/ethnicity, politics among others. The collection is comprised of four issues, each featuring an introduction and 7-8 works of fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction, selected and edited by all four editors.

Read Issue 1-4.

About the Author

Guest Editors Brenda Lee-Browne, Beatrice Lamwaka, Rifat Munim & Peter Sipeli

Brenda Lee Browne was born in London to Antiguan parents. She studied journalism and started her career in the Black British media before moving to Antigua in the mid-1980s. There, she wrote and published short stories and poetry as well as worked in the local media, both print and television. Browne returned to the UK […]