Joyline ‘Jo’ Maenzanise


Joyline ‘Jo’ Maenzanise

Joyline ‘Jo’ Maenzanise is trans nonbinary. Their words have found homes in publications such as Hedone, HOLAAfrica, Adventures From the Bedrooms of African Women, Pink News, Healthline, Well+Good, Broadview, Verywell Mind and Kickoff (an online fitness coach).

Jo also edits fiction and non-fiction. Some works they’ve edited include children’s and adults’ novels, cover letters, personal statements and research proposals.

When they are not doing their best to keep up with the rising cost of living, Jo loves to sleep, listen to music, watch TV. A nice stroll around the neighbourhood where they get to imagine how good and peaceful it must feel to own a home does them good too.


By Joyline ‘Jo’ Maenzanise