Andrea Nadine West


Andrea Nadine West

Andrea N. West, a native of Belize City, Belize, debuted as a writer with the publication of her short story, ‘Krismos Dina/Christmas Dinner’, in Bent Pin Press Literary Journal. ‘Da Jos Shillng/It’s Just a Shilling’, an excerpt from her novel in progress, was showcased in the Institute of Creative Arts-Belize Womxn in Art 2022 exhibit. Andrea’s experiences living in Belize, Mexico and China inform her writing which focuses on young adult characters grappling with identity issues. 

She is currently working on projects that allow her to combine her love of writing and her passion to help students navigate their path to college admission and success during their studies. Storytelling for Student Success is a series of workshops she is developing, using short stories as a framework for young people to explore their development as college students. 


By Andrea Nadine West