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Remember To Rest Issue 3

by Guest Editors Jo Maenzanise, Roopa Farooki & Kevin Mwachiro
16 February 2023

Remember To Rest is a collection curated by guest editors Jo Maenzanise, Roopa Farooki and Kevin Mwachiro, in response to a call for submissions on Healthy Communities. The collection comprises three issues, each featuring an introduction by one editor and 7-9 works of fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction.

We are delighted to feature 9 writers in the last issue. Remember To Rest invites us to read the work of writers who, in the words of Jo Maenzanise, speak about what health means to them and to us, individually and collectively.

Read the three issues here!

Illustration ©Bushra Saleem 

About the Author

Guest Editors Jo Maenzanise, Roopa Farooki & Kevin Mwachiro

Joyline ‘Jo’ Maenzanise is trans nonbinary. Their words have found homes in publications such as Hedone, HOLAAfrica, Adventures From the Bedrooms of African Women, Pink News, Healthline, Well+Good, Broadview, Verywell Mind and Kickoff (an online fitness coach). Jo also edits fiction and non-fiction. Some works they’ve edited include children’s and adults’ novels, cover letters, personal statements […]