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how to contemplate breast reduction 

by Morgan Christie
27 March 2024

say your body is yours until  

the words hurt your mouth 

then say it again 


expand on the thought  

like sweet milk and tamarind  

twisting the tongue 


trace the roundness of your shoulders  

watch the curve 

slip in and out of the rest of you 


remind yourself you didn’t choose them 

and choosing what to do about them 

doesn’t make you any less than 


a chorus or garden or thing that is whole 

whispering dumb ass songs  

don’t do a thing for no body 


unbutton yourself and feel them on your chest 

let that heavy combat the weight  

encrusted inside 


chew a raisin and imagine it’s a nipple 

bite hard and slow and taste the pain 

that squeezes out  


hold them and wonder why you’re struggling 

with a thought made of milk  

and sweet things 


hold them and wonder what it means  

for any part of you to become smaller 

than it has to be 

Illustration © Tahira Rifath

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Morgan Christie

Morgan Christie’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Callaloo, Room, Prairie Fire, The Hawai’i Review, Sports Literate, and Prism International, as well as other publications. She is the author of four poetry chapbooks, a short story collection, and recipient of the 2022 Arc Poetry Poem of the Year prize, 2022 Digging Press Chapbook Series […]